Saturday, November 14, 2009

Does the pink part of a fingernail grow back out?

I have been biting my nails for a long time and I am wondering if the nail bed is permanently damaged beacause they've been so short for so long, or if it is possible to grow the pink nail bed portion back out.. I'm trying to stop biting my nails also, so any tips?

Does the pink part of a fingernail grow back out?
Yes, the whole nail grows back. I have lost both fingernails and toe nails- whole- over the years. So I know they grow back.

To quit biting nails, if you need help, buy some of the nasty tasting stuff at the drug store. They have names like bite no more and stuff like that. you paint it on your nails and it tastes gross so you train yourself to stop biting

Once you have stopped biting, try some of the nail enhancing products. You paint them on to encourage growth. I like the Sally Hansen products for this.
Reply:yes the pink part grows back, no worries. to break the habit get the "no bite" stuff at walgreens that you can put on your nails (it is clear and paints on like nail polish). it tastes gross so you won't want to put your nails in your mouth. keep your skin and nails well hydrated - both will look better and subconsciously you won't be as inclined to bite. also, try chewing gum or other small treats that keep your mouth busy.

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