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What color (s) compliment the pink in my kitchen?

My house was built in 1964. I have a pink kitchen.... well, to be more technical, the countertops and the backsplash are pink, the stove top is pink and the oven is pink. The walls are white with a chair railing. I want to do something that makes it look more appealing and unique, but my problem is what will go with pink..... any suggestions? We arent going to be replacing the stove, countertops, etc any time soon so it would have to be something that would go with the pink.

What color (s) compliment the pink in my kitchen?
Pink happens to be my favorite color and I've never thought of using it in my kitchen! What a wonderful challenge you have there!

You could use stainless and grays and have a feminine industrial look.

Make it cottage like, use wall paper of brick in shades of white, accent with a border in flowers with pinks, lavenders, yellows, etc. Use lots of unmatching retro floral fabrics too! The more colorful the better! Lots of white washed looking woods, baskets %26amp; dried flowers too!

Opposites attract. Use a pale green for the main color in the kitchen and the pink will look like it's supposed to be there.

On the other hand, go dramatic-monochromatic! Differing shades of pinks from almost white to deep burgundy red. Of course, only small bits of the extreme colors, it will balance it out.

My thoughts on stark white and pink: makes it look like baby girls nursery! I'd be expecting to see a stack of diapers and bottles of baby powder.

What ever you chose to do, have fun! Paint is inexpensive and easiest to keep changing until you find something you can live with until replacing those pink things!
Reply:Try shades of reds, mauves, or yellows. Go to, it's a very helpful site. You can choose different colors %26amp; try them in the room you want to paint to give you an idea of what would look best.
Reply:I am a scrapbooker and I always love to use any shade of brown with pink. It always looks good. Anything from very dark brown to a light brown compliments the pink.
Reply:I think a darker blue might look nice with it. Just not too much.
Reply:Well, I think I know what pink you are talking about, as my bathroom was built around the same time, and we have Pink and Black tile. What about White and Black. Keep the pink limited to what you already have, and just add black and white items. For example, black and white photos. Black accessories. Maybe a black and white checked towel or curtain. Hope this helps.. Good Luck!! :-)
Reply:I would go for the retro look and add red to the pink by using a strawberries theme. I think if you do it right, it would give a great look to it.
Reply:Silver or white if you want to go with a shabby chic look.
Reply:white, green, or my favorite light brown!
Reply:stainless steel////turquoise//// green
Reply:Black with white accents!
Reply:Yellow would be ok i think. If its a pastel pink, you might try some other pastel shades like lilac, mint, butter yellow or cream, light blue, maybe some silver accents.
Reply:lime green goes great with pink!! or if you want to go for the retro look black and white also go great with pink!!
Reply:I would go with a light grey accents to tone it down a little. The best thing to do is to shop for accessories (curtain material, towels, etc.) that have a hint of the pink in it, but have a lot more of a different color. That way you're safe when you mix another color with it. So if you wanted a "french chef" theme, you would just need to have accessories that had some pink, but yellow, grey, red checks, etc. I would even consider doing a pig theme (Pottery barn has cool accessories) even though it sounds weird, you need to check it out!
Reply:I agree with some- that any shade of brown, I prefer a milk chocolate color, would look good. It tones down the pink a lot, and sort of makes it look modern. I like the idea of adding a bit of green as well I would so love to have my kitchen pink! Lucky Duck!
Reply:you could try different shades of browns, purples, and reds. White would look nice. Even a lighter blue or you could try different shades of green. If you have a home depot or a sherwin williams in your town each website has a place that you can color cordinate online. With Home Depot you can upload a picture. You can use either of these links:
Reply:If it was my kitchen I'd go with different shades of blue. Dark blue, and light blue. You could also use different shades of green. Light and dark. Another idea is to use dark blue and light green. This combination goes well with pink. Good luck in whatever you choose.
Reply:1] get some potted flowers, in shades of pink or white

2] add leaf green - in the valance [ vines? ], the tablecloth, runner, or placemats, the small appliances or covers that are kept on counter, decorative canisters/bowls/pitchers/towels, and potholders.

3] Put up a eucalyptus swag on the empty wall, with some white, and pink flowers.

4]The green will sort of neutralize the pink, without making the kitchen gaudy or dingy.

PS: I can relate - I have lived in plaid; paisley; orange, yellow, and green daisies; turquoise; and an 'apple' kitchen.
Reply:um lighter pink - yellow or white

darker pink - same :D

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What is pink eye and how do you get rid of it?

What are the symptoms? And is it contagious? One of my eyes is red and hurts. I’m not sure if it is allergies but someone said it was “pink eye”?

What is pink eye and how do you get rid of it?

- Pink eye / conjunctivitis is a general term referring to an irritation or infection of the membrane which covers the eye and the inside of the eyelid (conjunctiva).

- Pink eye / conjunctivitis is quite common and involves all age groups.

- Problems with the eye can be serious, so inspection by a doctor is necessary for a correct diagnosis.

- Pink eye / conjunctivitis typically starts in one eye and may spread to the other.

- Certain types of pink eye (Infectious conjunctivitis) are very contagious and steps must be made to avoid it's spread.

- Infectious conjunctivitis is usually caused by bacteria or viruses. Fungi, parasites, and chlamydia may also be a cause of infectious conjunctivitis.

- Noninfectious conjunctivitis is usually caused by allergies or mechanical irritants.


- Redness in the whites of the eye or red, swollen and irritated eyelids.

- Sandy and scratchy feeling in the eyes with possible light sensitivity.

- Tearing and/or mucus discharge from the eye or eyes.

A physician should be notified:

- if there is pain in the eye, rather than irritation or if the patient feels there is a foreign object in the eye.

- if a greenish-yellow discharge is present and does not begin to improve within 24 hours.

- if an abnormal difference between the sizes of the pupils is present or if the skin around the eye or eyelid is red.

- if the problem continues for more than three days or seems to get progressively worse.
Reply:pink eye is another term for congunctivitis, and yes it is very very contageous you need to get some eye drops to take care of it.
Reply:Go to

there's a lot of info there about it.
Reply:it is contagious and very painful. if you think you have it, GO TO THE DOCTOR to get a prescription. pink eye sucks!
Reply:Pink eye is a form of infection pls dont iritate it by rubbing ok just dont touch it and Dont tell anyone it will disappder --within a couple-three weeksw ok
Reply:These sites should help
Reply:A certain sign of pink eye is having either one eye or both glued shut by crud when you wake up after sleeping a few hours. If you can't open your eyes without wiping the crud away first, you have pink eye for sure.

It's crazy contagious, so don't touch your eyes if you can help it. Wash your hands and stay home from work/school. With antibiotic drops, it'll clear up in a few days.

Q-tips or washcloths soaked in warm water are good for washing the goop away, too.

If there's no crud, it could very well be only allergies. If I touch my cat and then touch one of my eyes, just that side of my face will react. Only that eye will get red and irritated, and my nose will run only on that side. It's weird, but totally possible.

Hope you feel better soon!
Reply:"Pink eye" is the lay term for conjunctivitis. Your eyes will be pink or red, hence the term. Oftentimes your eyelid (upper or lower) will feel a bit scratchy, kind of like having sand in your eye, and also itchy. You might also have discharge or excessive tearing from your tear ducts, that might also be itchy.

I don't know about hurting, I think it's usually itchy more than anything.

But hey, if it were an allergyl, wouldn't both eyes be affected? Maybe it's not pink eye, maybe you just rubbed your eye and scratched it? Call your doctor to be sure, you only have 2 eyes to see with, hopefully forever. Take care of your eyes!

And yes, conjunctivitis IS contagious, so wash your hands frequently and don't touch your eyes!
Reply:it is conjunctivitis.... its nothing major, but you could just go to a physician and get a script for a solution that will take it away within 2 days.
Reply:Yes it is VERY contagious and make sure what ever you do-WASH your hands frequently and DO NOT touch your eyes.

You have to have antibiotic eye drops to get rid of it and use it exactly to the Dr. orders. Just to prevent spreading to the other eye you can use the eye drops in both eyes until it is completely healed.
Reply:pink eye is is caused by either virus or bacteria. Leave it alone and see a doctor if it lasts more than 2 days. If you have a cold or flu all you can do is rest and check your temp. If your temp goes beyond 99 you need to see your doc. If it just dry eye get artificifial tears at your grocery store. Quit rubbing your eyes because irritation can cause that. If you have a bacterial infection you can get special eye drops with antibiotic.
Reply:its bad bad bad

yes it is very contagious and its very annoying. your eye will get all red and leaky. it does not itch or hurt though. i never know how to fix it so i would always just keep wiping it with a hot damp washclotch. right now my baby son has a leaky eye (not pink eye) and i am trying collidal silver tinctures drops in it. it seems to be helping. good luck and i hope you get better soon!

What does the color pink connote in Korea?

I've noticed lots of Santa decorations with pink suits instead of the red I'm used to. And pink ornaments. Pink Christmas cards. . .

So, in the States, red is more typical for Christmas decor. Red (there) is related to blood, and sacrifice, and passion.

So I was wondering about the preference for pink here. What is associated with pink?

What does the color pink connote in Korea?
Koreans like pink.

There's a bar here in my town that looks like a bottle of pepto-bismal vomited EVERYWHERE!

I don't think there's any deep significance... I think it's just a popular color. And like Boom pointed out, it's a much more "unisex" color in Korea than it is in the U.S.

My boss can rock a pink shirt and still look like the baddest mo-fo on the block.
Reply:if mom put on bed i wear. means is not thinking thing. just wear.
Reply:I don't know except that every time we tease a KATUSA for wearing a pink shirt he insists it is a very manly color.

Of course he also claims the small handbag he puts his wallet into is not a purse...

Does the pink part of a fingernail grow back out?

I have been biting my nails for a long time and I am wondering if the nail bed is permanently damaged beacause they've been so short for so long, or if it is possible to grow the pink nail bed portion back out.. I'm trying to stop biting my nails also, so any tips?

Does the pink part of a fingernail grow back out?
I had an accident one day where I had an industrial sewing machine put a needle through my fingernail in 3 different places. It sucked, my nail had a bunch of holes in it right through the skin undernieth. Once my nail grew completly out again it looked normal. I can only imagine if you curbed your habbit yours would as well.

One way to stop biting your nails is to just always have something that tastes horrible on your hands. wether it be a hand cream, or anit-bacterial cream. That way as soon as your fingers get close to your mouth you notice yourself doing it.
Reply:They'll grow back if you give them a chance. Go out and get this special nail polish that tastes bitter, i'm not sure what it's called but i'm sure you can find it all wal-greens and it will prevent you from biting your nails.

What is causing my toilet to have a pink stain on it?

My toilet water looks clear, but the bowl where the water sits is stained pink. What would be the cause of this and what is the best way to clean it?

What is causing my toilet to have a pink stain on it?
If it's pink, then it's likely the growth of serratia, which is a kind of common bacteria that thrives in the bathroom environment. It produces a reddish pigment called prodigiosin. Routine cleaning followed by disinfecting with bleach (add some to the tank, too) will stop its growth.
Reply:Some water is harder than other water. Depends on how the city purify it. You can tell/feel soft water from hard water in the shower, there is a difference.

So, I thinking it how the water do as some is a hard water and turn it brown. May need to clean regular with Scrubbing Bubbles, Lysol etc.
Reply:It's just rust in the water.
Reply:Like a few other answers there is a bacterial growth happening. How often is the toilet flushed? If it's not flushed enough you can get that "pink" in the bowl. I suggest a weekly cleaning,and maybe a bleach block in the tank.
Reply:It could be an iron stain from high iron content in the water. Do you have stains like this under your sink faucets? In your clothes washer or dishwasher?Try using a toilet bowl cleaner with bleach or one of those "drop in the tank" bleach/cleaning tablets.
Reply:It's some sort of minerals in your water.:)

Bleach or Comet will bring it off easily.
Reply:blood?use some blech
Reply:It sounds like it's a growth of some kind. I don't know if it would be mold, mildew, or some kind of bacterial build-up, but have you ever noticed that if you don't clean around the drains in the sink or tub, you'll get that same pink stuff?

Dump bleach in the bowl and brush it real good.

Edit: Just saw Rick T's answer. So I wasn't too far off!
Reply:if you have well water it could be rust. If that's the case you could use the works toilet cleaner its heavy duty cleaner. If you don't have well water it could be from those toilet cleaners you drop into the tank. Once again I would recommend trying the works. I suggest turning on a fan or opening a window because it has a power full odor. also the works makes a drop in cleaner tablet for the toilet tank so I would recommend getting that once the toilet has been cleaned Good luck!!!
Reply:you need to scrub under rim. its dripping poop

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How long does it take to recive a duplicate pink slip?

I lost my pink slip so I registered for a duplicate pink slip over 3 weeks ago. How long does it usually take to receive your new pink slip?


I want to sell this car and my friend agreed to buy it, i just need the pink slip!!!

How long does it take to recive a duplicate pink slip?
the pink slip is your registration. It doesnt matter that you have your registration...the title of the car is what matters. Youll need to wait for that in order to sell the car. That takes between 2-8 wks in most states.

What's the difference between regular lemonade and pink lemonade?

I've read the labels and can't find a difference, and they taste pretty much the same, so is it just pink food color?

Thanks! :)

What's the difference between regular lemonade and pink lemonade?
Sometimes pink lemonade has a bit of red grapefruit in it, but a lot of times, it's just food coloring.
Reply:the pink is ------------- pink . the other is ----------not
Reply:the color
Reply:pink and yellow :) idk, i think they taste slightly different, but i don't know what makes them different. pink i think is sweeter, so maybe more sugar?
Reply:Yes, and usually pink has more sugar.